Happy New Month Text Messages/Wishes and Quotes

Happy New Month Text Messages/Wishes and Quotes



Happy New Month Text Messages/Wishes and Quotes




Happy new month text messages, wishes, and quotes; nothing is more important than seeing yourself making it to a new month, here a well written new month wishes, prayers, resolutions, and quotes to send to loved ones, father, mother, your friends, to boyfriend/girlfriend. This is just the right place to be.



Happy New Month Text Messages for Friend


1. It’s a new month. A month to be thankful and await new signs, wonders, and good luck are on the way this month. A Happy new month my love.


2. As the new month begins, may you be overwhelmed with unlimited lots of joy and blessings? May you celebrate every part of your day with peace — happy new month to you.


3. To start a journey, you must begin with a step. Begin with that step this month and believe in your goals and dreams. Have an amazing month.


4. Here am wishing you joy, peace, love, and happiness and also want every second, minute, and hour of your day a surprising and pleasant one — happy new month.


5. May the Lord see you through your past difficulties and pains as we start another month today! Happy new month.


6. My wish is to see you every one of us happy this new month with lots of love, joy, peace, and lots of new achievement — happy new month.


7. As this new month begins, may the door of victory and success begins to open in your life forever — happy new month.


8. Happy new month friend, my wish for you is uncountable. I pray that whatever you desire to be granted and be Fulfilled in love and happiness — happy new month.


9. I pray that everything that you desire to achieve last month is Fulfilled this month. Happy new month.


10. May the love of the Lord bring smiles, sound health, love, and lots of wealth as we step into this new month. Happy new month.


11. It’s another month again, may you get all that new-goals you desire and may your dreams and wishes be Fulfilled forever — happy new month.


12. As we open a new chapter of this month, I pray that all your difficulties be broken into pieces and make a new way in your life —Happy new month.


13. Here is wishing you a second, a minute, and an hour full of abundant happiness and a lifetime in peace and harmony — happy new month.


14. May the spirit of the new month bring you peace, success, love, and harmony throughout your entire life. Happy new month.


15. A happy new month to my angelic friends, I pray that the sunshine of new month shines on your family, business, and properties! Happy new month.


16. As we enter this new month, I wish for you love and happiness and endless reasons to smile always.


17. Wishing you a month with lots of love and a prosperous day with happiness and a lifetime in good health. Happy new month.


18. May the blessings of the Lord continue to shines on you and good things locate you this period. Happy new month.


19. I appreciate all your effort and support that you rendered upon me last month; may the Lord reward you for all your good deeds as we enter this new month.


20. I want to wish each one of you a pleasant, competent, excellent, and a prosperous new month.
How much you wish well for the last month and the new month. These wishes are very fundamental, but only a few can realize the fact.


Happy New Month Messages for Boyfriend/Girlfriend



Happy New Month Messages for Boyfriend/Girlfriend


21. A happy new month to a gem of love and happiness and I wish you long life and joy as you step into the new month.


22. Our love will continue to reign until eternity. I want to say a big happy new month to the love of my life.


24. Wishing you all the best as we step into another day of the month and the year, may you spend your life in good health.


25. May you find peace, love, success, happiness, and lot more during this new month; happy new month darling.


26. I wish you good luck as we continue this new month with peace. I want to be yours forever — happy new month.


27. You shall always witness good things as we step into this new month; I love you so much — happy new month.


28. May you find everlasting success in your home as you enjoy the month in good health and wealth — happy new month baby.


29. Here comes another month, May all your heart desire be filled be Fulfilled for you and your days be full of good news. Happy new month.


30. I decree the lord to bless you with wealth in good health and crown you fortunes and peace of mind.


31. I prayed to God to bless you with happiness, rain of success, and love as we step into this new month.


32. May the Lord make it flexible for you to reach your goals in good health and make your days come with success and prosperity; Happy new month dearies.


33. I pray that the flood you’re home with good fortune as we enter into this blessed month.


34. A happy new month to an incompatible love of my life full of endowed beauty of love; I love you, and I wish you a beautiful new month.


35. I genuinely love and care about you and wish I could spend the whole of my life with you. Happy new month, God bless you, my love.


36. I want to say a big happy new month a sweet love of my life whom I can’t stop loving — a lady who is full of wisdom and a reasonable mindset.


37. I ask the Lord to bless you with a job that will benefit you and your family till the end and bless you with a home that will end in peace and not in pieces.


38. I want to remind you of how much I care about you; may the Lord lift you and higher that you don’t expect. Happy new month sweetheart.


39. A happy new month to the most beautiful lady in my life; may the Lord protect your home against all evils and atrocities. Enjoy your day.


40. May everlasting success that brings a smile to the face locate you this new month. I miss you so much — happy new month.


Happy New Month Messages for Husband and Wife


Happy New Month Messages for Husband and Wife


41. May the lord support your handwork till the last minute of your life and may you encounter no problem in whatever you lay your hand upon. Happy new month.


42. A fantastic new month to a wonderful wife who deserves all the good things in life. May the Lord shower his abundant blessing on you. I love you.


43. I thank the Lord for keeping us together and for making it to this new month of success. I beseech infinite blessings upon your life — happy new month.


44. Your happiness as we step into this new month shall never vanish, and your smile shall keep glowing and make other people smile — happy new month.


45. All your worries shall be a lead to your success as we step into this new month. I love you so much — happy new month.


46. A loving and caring man like you is scarce to find. The happy new month my beloved husband and companion.


47. Spending my entire life with you is what has always wished and prayed for, thank God for bringing us together. I hope you good fortunes and good things. Happy month honey.


48. I pray that the love that brought us together never expire and keep glowing. I wish success and good health upon you and the kids — happy new month.


49. Here’s wishing you the most beautiful things on earth, and May’s success and unexpected wonders begin to happen in your life. Happy new month.


50. I pray for you this month a double promotion and abundant blessings that never fades. Happy, prosperous new month.


51. Wishing the only love of my life a blissful new month with lots of achievements. Happy new month darling.


52. May you find subscribed joy and happiness full of unlimited wonders and good news. May the Lord bless you, my love. Happy new month.


53. Your joy and happiness are what I want this new month; may the Lord continue to grant them upon you with no limit. Happy new month.


54. Your happiness in this new month is what matters to me most, and your joy shall continue to overtake your sorrows — happy new month deary.


55. I want to let you know that you are so special in my life. A happy new month in excellent and sound health.


56. Here’s wishing the only angel of my life that put a smile on my face a splendid new month. May you enjoy and reap your sweat.


57. I wish you a prosperous month ahead for you. I pray that all that you seek to be granted to you. A happy new month to you darling.


58. This month shall bring more success than you expect and shall give you more reasons to smile forever — happy new month.


59. May your excellent work bring more promotions and more cash to you! I love you more and forever — happy new month.


60. May success never stop locating you in every angle; I wish you all the good fortune in life. Happy new month.


Happy New Month Messages for Yourself


61. I thank almighty God for sparing my life until this present moment, and I didn’t pay you a dam penny for the good things you’ve perfected in my life. A happy new month to you all.


62. Wishing myself all the best during this new month; many have gone which they don’t even have the opportunity to thank you for what you have done for them. Thank you, Lord, for good health.


63. As the new month commences, I pray that everything I have always wanted to achieve is an achievable goal for me — a happy new month.


64. whoops! Am so glad I made it to this beautiful new month. I want to use this medium to say a big and beautiful happy new month.


65. Am happy everyone is back safe and sound; I want to say a big happy new month to you all. I love you.


66. Wishing you guys a remarkable new month, wishing you all the best in life and May God continue to shower his a blessing upon you! Amen…… Happy new month.


67. So many people were called, but few among them were chosen; I give thanks to the lord for chosen me among the wordy people to step into this New Year. Happy new month.


68. Bigger me I pray that Almighty God should make a guild and protect me from all evil hands and cover me with his precious blood. Happy new month.


69. O Lord, the king of heaven and the universe, I thank you for not making my difficulties a high priority for me. A happy new month to you all.


70. For me still breathing on this surface of health is a great privilege for me and another great opportunity for me. Thank you, Lord, for a new month and a successful plan in good health.


71. I want to give thanks to God this morning for this new month. I pray that success and good luck shall always be my portion.


72. Been alive at this specific moment is a great privilege and by the Lord’s grace. Thank you, Lord, for this precious privilege assigned to me.


73. Another great month to live, another month to enjoy and another moment to say a big thank you to the lord. Happy new month everyone.


74. Wishing me a great new month of joy and success. I want to me the loveliest moment in life — happy new month.


75. You are the highest God, the one who has the whole universe at hand, the most forgiving and the kindest; thank God for this most exceptional opportunity.


76. I pray for God’s protection to be with my family and me this month and bless me away from the sky limit.


77. You are the most kind and the most merciful. Thank you for making it to the new month of success.


78. May this very day be a remarkable day and new signs and wonders in my life, I can’t just loving praising you for signs and wonders you’ve impacted in my life.


79. Thank you Lord for the essence love you showed me; may your name continue to reign forever and evermore. Happy new month.


80. I wish me good luck in all I shall lay my hands on this month and pray for more months in good health.


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