Best Congratulation on Your Wedding Messages 2021

Best Congratulation on Your Wedding Messages 2021


Best Congratulation on Your Wedding Messages 2021


Looking for congratulations messages, wishes, and quotes, This is the right and perfect place for you to come. we have just garnished irresistible right words and wishes for you to make him or her smile, send to your just for friend, family, boyfriend, girlfriend e.t.c.

These beautiful write-ups are irresistible and good to go for your loved ones.


Wedding Congratulations Messages


  • Congratulations on your wedding day. I am really impressed as you are now moving from a boy to a man, you really impressed me a lot and I wish you longer peaceful concurrences with your wife. Amen



  • I was so overfilled with joy to hear that you are ready and cool for marriage today. I pray that the Lord that brought you both continue to shower His Blessings on your marriage. Congratulations.


  • I am so happy and decided to extend my happiness towards you today as you become husband and wife. Congratulations.


  • Thank God that you’ve finally become a man. I just want to show how cool my heart has become for you to learn that you are married today. Congrats.


  • My heart is overwhelmed with pleasure having heard that my closest friend is getting married today. I pray that the load protects your marriage. Congratulations.


  • My advice to you in your marriage life is, please always be cool and patient in handling things with one and another so that you will enjoy the purpose of your union. Congrats.



  • I didn’t believe you when you told me you are getting married, you thought, as usual, you were joking but I now see that you have become the real man I want to see. Congratulations.


  • No one will address you as a boy again because you have shown and proven to them that you are not just a man but also superman. I love you so much for your courage. Congrats.


  • I pray to the lord that he brings you lots of success and peace; and I pray that from now you will begin to see life from the mature angle. Congratulations to you!


  • I am wishing you the longest love and happiness of a marriage, peace, and harmony as you become a man today; congrats to you my noble friend and partner.


  • Best of wishes on this special occasion as you plan for a better journey in life; I wish you all the best that comes along with marriage. Congratulations.


  • All my prayer for you is that the years ahead of this special day be filled with lots of love and happiness. Congrats!



  • Our prayer is to see that today as your wedding, and the happiest moment of your life. And the beginning of good ending in your life journey together as husband and wife. Congrats.


  • I pray as you are united together, may your union bring a lot of joy and happiness have you live both your lives peacefully. Happy married life.


Wedding Wishes Quotes


  • I wish you all the best as you continue in the journey of love and patience. I never believe it will be this quick as such you really made me proud. Congratulations.


  • I pray to god that as you prepare to join this wonderful crew union, may your relationship last forever….. Congrats.


  • I wish you all the best of luck, a lot of love, success and joy, and everything that brings peace between two couples into your relationship. Congrats my guy.


  • I salute you for this great move you have taken and am wishing you a happy engagement, as you begin to plan a wonderful life journey together. Congrats.


  • Congratulations on this special day of your life; may all good things come to your home. I wish you all the best as you cross the line between a man and a child. Congrats bro!


  • Now that you’ve finally found the love of your life, I declare God’s protection on your wedding plans from every single area until you finally make it real life.


  • You are so special and as such, I pray that your union should last forever. Congratulations.


  • It a pleasure to hear this exiting plan of you getting married, I pray that your wedding preparation comes with an easier and flexible approach. Congratulations.


  • To the special ones. Congratulations for taking this wise step and decision, I pray that the Lord aid your mash-up as you plan to settle down together.


  • I am extending my greatest gratitude to you both as you engage in the righteous way today may he see you through. Congrats


  • My greatest wishes to you are that I should see you doing perfectly well in the year after as you marry. I implore the most beautiful Favor of Almighty God upon you. Congrats.


  • Wishing you joy, love, and happiness on your wedding day as you begin your new life together. Congratulations.


  • Wish I could be there on your special day… here am sending my blessing to you; may your wedding living you endless joy and everlasting happiness. Congratulation!


  • Wishing you a lifetime love and joy as you begging your new life with your partner.


  • Congratulations! Wishing you the true happiness of life that you deserve. I pray that God grant you all the good wishes of a marriage.


  • May your love bloom brighter and your companion grows sweeter with each passing year…. Congratulation on your wedding.


  • May the part to forever be filled with love and happiness, I wish you all the best on your wedding. Congratulations!


  • Wishing you luck, love, and happiness today… tomorrow and ever after! Congrats.


  • Wishing the both of you a lifetime of everlasting love and happiness! Congratulations on your wedding.





  • May the Lord guide and protect you throughout your marriage life. Have a blessed and lovely family.


  • A wedding is only a celebration, marriage is the act that that will make you committed to each other for life. Am happy that you’ve finally knot the tie.


  • May this day be the start of the best moment of your life, Congratulations on your wedding!


  • I pray as you live with your spouse, may you be filled with long-lasting happiness and joy. Congratulations on your day.


  • I wish you a lot of lifetime love and happiness. Congrats!


  • Now that you found someone that matches your heart and I am so happy for you. Congratulations to you and best wishes.


Wedding Wishes Messages


  • Am glad you found someone who’s both hearts are compatible with one another, here is wishing you a peaceful and happy married life.


  • Congrats, may the peaceful love you have for each other never end.


  • Am so glad you finally settled with your own love. Congratulation on your wedding blood!


  • I pray as you begging this new journey together, may your love be stronger than anything that comes between both of you. Congrats.


  • May your new home be blessed with everlasting love and happiness as you get married? Congratulations dude!


  • Here am wishing you love, joy peace on your wedding day. Congrats.


  • Congratulations on your wedding day, may the Lord be with you both.


  • I wish you all the good things you wish yourself at your wedding. Congratulations.


  • May the foundation of your love story never ends! Congratulations on your marriage.


  • May every single day of your journey be peaceful and joyful. Congrats








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